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Syrian Intervention

David Cameron today (27th August) has posted on Twitter that Parliament will be recalled on Thursday the 29th of August to vote on whether or not Britain should take military action against the Assad regime for using chemical weapons.  The PM will be making a statement to MPs describing “compelling” evidence that the regime was involved in the attack. Cameron will have to build a strong case that the attack in the east Ghouta region of Damascus was in fact linked to Assad in order to have legal basis for an attack. Any effort by Britain to attempt a UN Security Council resolution authorising military action will most likely be vetoed by Russia.


I have but one question – Why? Why does Britain need to get involved, what good could that possibly do Syria? 

We have seen time and time again the devastation the West brings to these countries when they try to make things ‘better’. To me this screams of 2003 and the Iraqi’s weapons of mass destruction. Surely this time there are better ideas on the table. Why not, instead of ending the bloodshed with more bloodshed, end it with peace discussions. According to the Huffington Post since Assad cracked down on Arab Spring-inspired protests in March 2011 more than 100,000 people have been killed. Further airstrikes by the West that are intended to show Assad he’s a very naughty boy will do nothing but raise those numbers. If this man is willing to use chemical weapons on his own people, why would he care if other countries are bombing his people? When military intervention seems somewhat inevitable I feel like it’s time to step back and look at the wider picture. I don’t believe Russia is as stubborn as to refuse talks with the US, UK and France – Who are most likely to intervene.

It seems to me like there is no proper plan being put in place to deal with the problems in Syria. Instead countries are rushing to try and look like they’re going to deal with the situation and all our wonderful, all knowing governments can come up with is “MORE BOMBS! MORE WAR!” Frankly, that’s just not good enough. Now is the time for ceasefire to be put in place that is backed up and enforced by the UN. This then opens doors for leaders to come together and discuss new options and routes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in leaving Syria alone so the two sides can eventually kill each other off. No, I believe that military intervention will only speed up the process. If there were a similar situation in Britain would you want another country bombing you or invading you in order to ‘bring peace’? I’m sure most of you wouldn’t. So why are we doing that to these people? Most people in Syria are not rebels or soldiers, most are just normal people who would like nothing better than to get on with their lives without fear of chemical attacks or bombs falling on their homes. Now is the time to talk to Russia, now is the time for everyone to really put the pressure on. With Russia on side amazing things could be achieved in the Middle East and North Africa. Instead of looking upon Russia as an enemy holding back progression we need to look upon them as a possible, very powerful ally. Yes, Russia itself has many, many human rights problems but sadly we can’t change the world all at once. But right now it’s Syria in trouble; hundreds of thousands of people are not being killed in Russia.


In short I think military intervention is the last thing the Syrian people need, instead we must all come together in search of a peaceful solution. The UN must use all of its power in order to end the bloodshed and put forward a ceasefire until a something can be worked out. The average person is Syria must not be punished more for a crazy ruler and dangerous rebellion.