Race is Irrelevant

Policy Exchange, a centre-right think tank has recently said that by 2050 ethnic minorities will make up a third of the UK. Personally, I don’t view this as an issue but evidently for some it is. However there seems to be many people who confuse race and culture, as if an increase of colours other than white will result in a loss of British Culture. I have seen zero loss of Scottish culture in my life, in fact, I’ve probably seen growth. Your ethnicity, race and religion are irrelevant to culture. All people can contribute to British, or any other nations, culture. So many seem to find it difficult to view race and culture as two separate entities. Race is skin deep. Race is simply what colour of skin you have – It should have no importance in society nowadays. Sadly, I’m fully aware this is not the case but it’s what we should be striving for. To argue that an increase in minorities is ‘dangerous’ or will somehow undermine British culture is just plain racist. If you believe that someone’s skin colour threatens your culture you need to take a serious look at yourself. The vast majority of people coming to Britain come to be part of Britain. They come to improve their lives and their family’s lives. They don’t come to convert everyone to their religion or to force you to participate in their native rituals or customs. If they wish to practice said customs then they are more than welcome. Britain is a free country, it’s one of the reasons people want to come here but it shouldn’t and usually won’t affect your life. I look forward to more racial diversity in Britain. It may finally result in the end of racism in Britain. Nothing breeds racism like isolation and ignorance and the way to fight that is for our children to be surrounded by different faces and different races.



Nothing annoys me more than race power. Be it white power or black power or any other sort of power. I think it’s stupid and racist. As I said previously race is simply your skin colour, by preaching white or black power you are making your skin colour one of your defining features which is a huge step back. To truly encourage equality and acceptance you must preach race as an irrelevance. You must teach your children that race is so lacking in importance that we should reach a period in the future that it is no longer a debate to be had. When we no longer need to think, “Are politicians representing the Afro-Caribbean population?” Should we have more minority representation in politics? Absolutely!  But not to represent their race but because they want to be there and we as the public agree with their values, policies and politics.  


“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will be judge by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their characters.”

–    Martin Luther King Jr

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